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Papers listed in WoS (Jimp)

Altunkaynak, S., Unal, A., Howarth, G.H., Aldanmaz, E., Nývlt, D. (2019): The origin of low-Ca olivine from ultramafic xenoliths and host basaltic lavas in a back-arc setting, James Ross Island, Antarctic Peninsula. Lithos 342, 276–286. (IF2018: 3.913; Q1: Geochemistry & Geophysics; Mineralogy)

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Čížková, K., Láska, K., Metelka, L., Staněk, M. (2019): Intercomparison of Ground- and Satellite-Based Total Ozone Data Products at Marambio Base, Antarctic Peninsula Region. Atmosphere 10, 721. (IF2018: 2.406; Q3: Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences).

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Kvíderová, J., Kumar, D., Lukavský, J., Kaštánek, P., Adhikary, S.P. (2019): Estimation of growth and exopolysaccharides production of two soil cyanobacteria, Scytonematolypothrichoides and Tolypothrixbouteillei determined by cultivation in the crossed gradients of irradiance and temperature. Engineering in Life Sciences 19, 184-195. (IF2018: 1.936; Q3: Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology)

Kvíderová, J., Souquieres C.-E., Elster, J. (2019): Ecophysiology of photosynthesis of the Vaucheria sp. mats in the Svalbard tidal flat. Polar Science 21, 172-175. (IF2018: 1.190; Q3: Ecology)

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Mishra, K. B., Vítek, P., Barták, M. (2019): A correlative approach, combining chlorophyll a fluorescence, reflectance, and Raman spectroscopy, for monitoring hydration induced changes in Antarctic lichen Dermatocarpon polyphyllizum. Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 208, 13–23. (IF2018: 2.931, Q1: Spectroscopy).
Myšková, E., Brož, M., Fuglei, E., Kvičerová, J., Mácová, A., Sak, B., Kváč, M., Ditrich, O. (2019): Gastrointestinal parasites of arctic foxes (Vulpes lagopus) and sibling voles (Microtus levis) in Spitsbergen, Svalbard. Parasitology Research 118(12), 3409–3418. (IF2018: 2.067; Q2: Parasitology)

Píšková, A., Roman, M., Bulínová, M., Pokorný, M., Sanderson, D.C.W., Creswell, A., Lirio, J.M., Coria, S.H., Nedbalová, L., Lami, A., Musazzi, S., Van de Vijver, B., Nývlt, D., Kopalová, K. (2019): Late-Holocene palaeoenvironmental changes at Lake Esmeralda (Vega Island, Antarctic Peninsula) based on a multi-proxy analysis of laminated lake sediment. The Holocene 27, 1155–1175. (IF2018: 2.547; Q2: Geosciences, Multidisciplinary).
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Roche, K., Kuta, J., Sedláček, I., Červenka, R., Tomanová, K., Jurajda, P. (2019): Concentrations of Thirteen Trace Metals in Scales of Three Nototheniid Fishes from Antarctica (James Ross Island, Antarctic Peninsula). Biological Trace Element Research 191, 214–223. (IF2018: 2.431; Q3: Biochemistry & MolecularBiology).

Roman, M., Nedbalová, L., Kohler, T.J., Lirio, J.M., Coria, S.H., Kopáček, J., Vignoni, P., Kopalová, K., Lecomte, K.L., Elster, J., Nývlt, D. (2019): Lacustrine systems of Clearwater Mesa (James Ross Island, northeastern Antarctic Peninsula): geomorphological setting and limnological characterization. Antarctic Science 31, 169–188. (IF2018: 1.653; Q3: Geosciences, Multidisciplinary; Geography, Physical; Environmental Sciences)

Ruiz-Fernández, J., Oliva, M., Nývlt, D., Cannone, N., García-Hernández, C., Guglielmin, M., Hrbáček, F., Roman, M., Fernández, S., López-Martínez, J., Antoniades, D. (2019): Patterns of spatio-temporal paraglacial response in the Antarctic Peninsula region and associated ecological implications. Earth-Science Reviews 192, 379–402. (IF2018: 9.530; Q1: Geosciences, Multidisciplinary).

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Šantrůček, J., Schreiber, L., Macková, J., Vráblová, M., Květoň, J., Macek, P., Neuwirthová, J. (2019): Partitioning of mesophyll conductance for CO2 into intercellular and cellular components using carbon isotope composition of cuticles from opposite leaf sides. Photosynthesis Research 141, 33–51. (IF2018: 3.057; Q1: Plant Sciences)

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Papers listed in Scopus (Jsc)

Barták, M., Láska, K., Hájek, J., Váczi, P. (2019): Microclimate variability of Antarctic terrestrial ecosystems manipulated by open top chambers: Comparison of selected austral summer seasons within a decade. Czech Polar Reports 9(1), 88–106.

Casanova-Katny, A., Barták, M., Gutierrez, C. (2019): Open top chamber microclimate may limit photosynthetic processes in Antarctic lichen: Case study from King George Island, Antarctica. Czech Polar Reports 9(1), 61–77.

Dufková, K., Barták, M., Morkusová, J., Elster, J., Hájek, J. (2019): Screening of growth phases of Antarctic algae and cyanobacteria cultivated on agar plates by chlorophyll fluorescence imaging. Czech Polar Reports 9(2), 170–181.

Engel, Z., Hrbáček, F., Láska, K., Nývlt, D., Stachoň, Z. (2019): Surface mass balance of Davies Dome and Whisky Glacier on James Ross Island, north-eastern Antarctic Peninsula, based on different volume-mass conversion approaches. Czech Polar Reports 9(1), 1–12.

Folgar-Cameán, Y., Barták, M. (2019): Evaluation of photosynthetic processes in Antarctic mosses and lichens exposed to controlled rate cooling: Species-specific responses. Czech Polar Reports 9(1), 114–124.

Giudici, G. N. M. (2019): Photoinhibition of primary photosynthetic processes in hydrated Polytrichum commune: Analysis of non-photochemical quenching affecting species resistence. Czech Polar Reports 9(2), 160–169.

Halici, M. G., Barták, M. (2019): Sphaerellothecium reticulatum (Zopf) Etayo, a new lichenicolous fungus for Antarctica. Czech Polar Reports 9(1), 13–19.

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Kavan, J. (2018): Observation of polar bear (Ursus maritimus) feeding on Sval-bard reindeer (Rangifer tarandus platyrhyncus) – exceptional behaviour or upcoming trend? Czech Polar Reports 8(2), 243–248.

Laichmanová, M., Sedláček, I. (2019): Fungal species associated with fruit and vegetables transported to the J.G. Mendel station and the influence of UV-C treatment on their fungal community. Czech Polar Reports 9(1), 78–87.

Orekhova, A., Barták, M., Özkar, A., Elster, J. (2019): The effect of shock freezing on physiological properties and consequent growth of Antarctic filamentous (Stigeoclonium sp.) and coccal alga (Diplosphaera chodatii) on agar plates. Czech Polar Reports, 9(1), 37–48.

Trnková, K., Tschense, N. (2019): Structure and function of biological soil crusts from Antarctica with a special respect to their microtopography and UV-B sensitivity. (Short communication). Czech Polar Reports 9(2), 243–250.

Váczi, P. (2019): Autonomous in situ measurement of daily courses of the net CO2 exchange rate in a moss from alpine environment. (Short Communication). Czech Polar Reports 9(2), 220–227.

Žákovská, A., Zezulová, O. (2019): Changes in haematological parameters during a summer expedition in Antarctica. Czech Polar Reports 9(1), 107–113.