Jakub Holuša

Key words: Quartz exoscopy; Soil Micromorphology; Aeolian and periglacial processes and landforms Position: Ph.D. student at Masaryk University
Phone number: +420 605 030 890
E-mail: holusa.jakub@mail.muni.cz
ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jakub-Holusa

Selected publications:
Hanáček M., Holuša, J., 2019. Zaniklý odkryv kvarterních sedimentů u Bukové na severním okraji Žulovské pahorkatiny. Acta Musei Moraviae, Scientiae Geologicae, 104 (2): 241–253.
Jakub Holuša has a master’s degree in physical geography from the Masaryk University. Currently, he is a Ph.D. student, and his research is focused on palaeoreconstructions of the sedimentary environments (especially the aeolian) in present or past periglacial zones using the micromorphological analysis of thin sections and the quartz exoscopy. J. Holuša spent two Erasmus+ traineeships in total amount of 10 months at University of Warsaw under the supervision of Dr. Barbara Woronko.