Pavel Kapler, Ph.D.

Logistics & Operations Manager

WhatsApp: +420 773 79 88 04

PAVEL KAPLER is the Manager of the Czech Antarctic Research Programme (CARP) since 2010. He was involved in all of the major changes the programme has undergone since the construction of the J.G. Mendel Czech Antarctic Station: gaining membership in COMNAP (2013), associating CARP into the SCAR (2013), and gaining Consultative status of the Czech Republic within the Framework of the ATCM (2014) as well. He was in charge for hosting the 29th AGM COMNAP in Brno (2017), and he was the head of Host Country Secretariat for 42nd ATCM/CEP in Prague (2019). In 2014-2021 he served as co-leader of Technology and Energy Expert Working Group (now Critical & Advanced Technology Expert Group). He became a COMNAP EXCOM Vice-Chair in 2021; since then he is oversighting EXCOM Officer for Critical & Advanced Technolog Expert Group, COMNAP Asset Tracking System (CATS) and co-oversight for Safety Expert Group. Togehter with Masaryk University Technology Transfer Office he projected a registered trademark Tested in Antarctica in 2016. He also serves as an advisor to the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Czech Ministry of Environment in the field of various Antarctic issues. Although his professional backgroung lies in climatology and landscape ecology, he is focused on legal side of Antarctic affairs and education and PR outreach of the programme too. In 2012-202 he was a leader of 8 expeditions to Antarctic.