Prof. Ivo Sedláček

Phone: +420 549496922

My research is aimed at microbiological biodiversity of Antarctic environment inhabited by cold adapted psychrophilic and oligotrophic microorganisms and their taxonomy. Following part of my research is focused on microbiomes from oral mucous layers and faeces of various Antarctic animals.
• Biodiversity of cultivable microorganisms from abiotic sources
• Taxonomy and physiology of oligotrophs
• Study of bacteria isolated from cryoconites, lake sediments and permafrost
• Monitoring of potential pathogens colonizing wild animals

Main publications:

SEDLÁČEK, Ivo, Pavla HOLOCHOVÁ, Roman SOBOTKA, Hans-Jürgen BUSSE, Pavel ŠVEC, Stanislava KRÁLOVÁ, Ondrej ŠEDO, Jan PILNÝ, Eva STAŇKOVÁ, Vendula KOUBLOVÁ and Karel SEDLÁŘ. Classification of a Violacein-Producing Psychrophilic Group of Isolates Associated with Freshwater in Antarctica and Description of Rugamonas violacea sp. nov. Microbiology Spectrum. American Society for Microbiology, 2021, vol. 9, No. 1, p. „e00452-21“. ISSN 2165-0497. doi:10.1128/Spectrum.00452-21.
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